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Solar City Enterprises is no longer trading.  

Whilst the website is still active it will continue to promote a couple of fantastic innovative products in the market place that provide what is believed to be the best value for money. You can see more on these products at SunSmart Energy System's website. SunSmart were a primary supplier to Solar City so it's recommended you contact them for any help or further information on products.

SOLAR POWER POOL PUMP: Click on the above pool banner to see the solar powered pool pump produced by SunSmart.  SunSmart is an Australian company producing solar power pool pumps to their proprietary specifications to suit Australian conditions.  Utilising state of the art components including stainless rotor shafts, heavy duty circuit boards and so on, SunSmart pumps are supremely reliable and efficient.  Be aware that there are cheap copies (some look almost identical) being introduced into Australia that are not built to these standards. 

SOLAREDGE POWER HARVESTING: For the most efficient power harvesting solar system on the market, click on the above SolarEdge banner.  SolarEdge breakthrough technology can harvest up to 25% more energy than traditional inverter systems.  Inverters haven’t changed much over the last 60 years or so, but with the introduction of SolarEdge back in 2011, that has all changed.  There are a few companies around now that have produced similar technology products, but none reach the high standards of the SolarEdge system. 

If you are an existing Solar City Enterprises customer returning to the website, we’d like to thank you for your past patronage and should you have any future solar and energy requirements, or need further assistance with your existing systems, the personnel at SunSmart Energy will help you.  Click on the below contact link to proceed to the SunSmart Energy website

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