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Solar City Enterprises is an Australian industry leader in superior commercial and residential renewable energy products - reducing energy costs for all consumers.

Solar City Enterprises have sourced the latest technologies such as Solar Edge solar power and monitoring systems, solar air conditioning, evacuated tube solar hot water, XDX refrigeration and air conditioning enhancement systems, solar powered pool filtration pumps and other energy saving products.

Our mission is to provide superior next generation renewable energy products and related photovoltaic (solar panel) technologies to reduce energy costs for all consumers. Solar City Enterprises aims to be a leader in renewable energy in Australia using effective business practices to source, market and deliver revolutionary solar products to valued customers in Australia and overseas.

Along with our large range of solar products we provide an extensive range of energy monitoring and energy saving products. To take the next step to reducing ongoing energy costs whilst reducing your carbon footprint through our next generation innovative products, and increase the value of your property, contact us for your free no obligation consultation.