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Solar Edge

The Solar Edge system is unique in that it utilises power optimizers that communicate with the inverter.  The end result is simpler constraint free site design, monitroing capability at module level, highest safety, theft protection and much more.  Maximum power point tracking is provided at each module by each optimiser which means each panel will deliver its maximum output, regardless of any problems the rest of the panels in the string may encounter.  It is a less complicated, more reliable solar inverter  that offers 12 year standard warranty on the solar edge inverter and 25 year warranty on the Solar Edge optimisers. 


Fronius IG state of the art technology and extra features place Fronius among the most reliable grid-connect inverters on the market. With High Frequency Transfer Technology and advanced self- diagnostic and recovery capabilities, the IG inverters are lighter, quieter and smarter than traditional inverters.  The next generation Fronius IG Plus inverter includes a number of significant enhancements such as data logging and wireless transceivers to provide maximum earnings, security and versatility.

SMA Inverter

SMA, one of the world's largest inverter manufacturers, provides a family of inverters amongs the highest in efficiency.  Full data logging options are also available. Sturdy construction and IP65 enclosure makes them the ideal choice for outdoor mounting in tough envirements.


Latronics PV Edge inverters.  Simple and robust, specifically designed for Australia's tough climate makes them ideal for any location. Simple to install with quick disconnect DC and AC plugs. An IP33 enclosure is  available to install the inverters on exterior walls.

Sharp Logo

The Sharp JH-1600E solar inverter offers 1600W ac power and is designed for high reliability. Ideal for residential and commercial application, the inverters aluminium body is easily installed on the wall with included wall mount bracket and screws. It offers a large LED display that is easy to see and operate and can provide remote monitoring.